Making Real Estate Work for You.

We are a boutique real estate family office creating wealth, freedom and security for our clients through property.

When time is your biggest asset, you deserve a trusted fully integrated real estate service.

When you have little or no time or interest to deeply understand the real estate market and meet your private and professional real estate goals and priorities, you need our unique expertise and services which go far beyond the scope of traditional real estate agencies.

We believe in making a tangible difference in the lives of our clients.

Can you confidently say that you have the best strategies for your real estate?

We get it – you can see the potential in your real estate, but you are time poor. We create and deliver inspired solutions to meet all your real estate requirements, so you can focus on your career, your business, your family, your friends – your life.

Our aim is to unlock the value in your real estate portfolio and bring you peace of mind about your real estate needs.

Our Clients

Our clients are professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, managers and self-funded retirees who have achieved financial success in their own right.

Our clients want to eliminate the burden of taking care of their own real estate requirements and understand the value of outsourcing the task to a highly qualified and experienced single point of contact, who can create and deliver intelligent, solution-driven real estate outcomes.

We can accept any type of property brief – you may need a discreet project or service (like selling your house, or negotiating a new lease for your business premises), or have someone look after your entire portfolio. We are re-inventing value for clients, one project at a time.

Regardless of your real estate objectives, from realising opportunities or solving challenges, to saving time and money, we can create and deliver on strategies for each unique situation:

Wealth Creation to ensure a comfortable retirement, maximise your children’s inheritance or simply live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Business Demands impacting on suitability of your business premises including business growth, relocation, downsizing or the sale of your business.

Career promotion, relocation, or retirement impacting the suitability of your family home.

Major Life Events including getting married, having children, getting divorced, moving homes, or death, which can affect all real estate assets and which normally has a significant emotional impact on the parties, requiring sensible and strategic real estate strategies.

Lifestyle upgrades, such as renovating homes and creating beautiful holiday destinations..

Cashflow improvement for your overall peace of mind.

Whether you want to be self-directed in your real estate decisions or advised by your trusted consultants, real estate

family office will work with you and your advisors to build and deliver a carefully considered long-term real estate strategy.


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